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R.A.KRAFT PAPER PVT.LTD., deals with Kraft Paper, Duplex Paper, Waste Paper, and Stock Lot.

Waste paper

  • White Grades

    • News & Pams
    • Soft Mix Paper and Hard Mix Paper
    • Over issue newspaper (OINP)
    • Over Issue Magazines
    • Old magazines (OMG)
    • Magazine trims
    • Coated Book Stock (CBS)
    • Multi Grade
    • Sorted office pack / Sorted color letters (SOP)
    • Printers Off Cut (POC)
    • Light Color Cuttings (LCC)
    • Cup Stock
    • Plastic White Envelopes (PWE)
    • Hard White Shavings / Soft White Shavings (HWS/SWS)
    • Scan Board
    • Box board cuttings (BBC)
    • Pure White Cuttings (PWC)

  • Brown Grades

    • Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC)
    • Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons
    • Beer carton scrap
    • Flower Boxes
    • Fruit Boxes
    • Tobacco boxes
    • New Doubled Liner Kraft Cuttings (NDLKC)
    • New corrugated cuttings (NCC)
    • Kraft Carrier Board (KCB)
    • Multi wall paper bags
    • Core Waste

  • Speciality Grades

    • Steel Mill Kraft White / Brown (Oily & Non-Oily)
    • Poly / Foil coated Box Board Cuttings
    • White Tissue with Cores
    • Book Paper (bulky Newsprint)
    • Cupstock with & without Poly
    • Color Text Stock
    • Hardwhite/Softwhite shavings
    • Pulp rolls
    • Waxed Corrugated Boxes
    • Colored Tissues
    • Label Stock
    • KLB Trimmings
    • Printed DLK
    • Wet Strength grades

global presence

Growth and expansion on the global scale has always been a key element in the expansion of R. A. Kraft Paper Pvt. Ltd. In keeping with this policy, we have strengthened our international presence to make it a lodestone of our establishment.

Sister Concern

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